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EDventure Academy is a Special Education & Remedial Centre founded with a vision to provide equal opportunity to all children with diverse level of abilities. Our learning group is composed of 1-3 students to ensure that every child receives individual attention. At EDventure Academy we offer two models of Programs: A) Morning School Program for kids who are rejected admissions in mainstream schools. This program is an amalgam of a special education and a regular school curriculum in a nut shell. Currently children with Autism, Intellectual disability, Down Syndrome, Global Learning Disability, etc are benefiting from this model. B) Evening Remedial Program for kids who attend regular schools and need support in specific areas like reading, writing, spelling, memory, attention, sitting tolerance, behaviour modification etc. Currently children with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Slow learners etc attend this program.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

EDventure Academy-Not just academics !!

Learning in any form is learning and we strongly believe that restricting it to only books would be building walls around their minds and limiting their growth. It is very important to incorporate in children the importance of merging theory as well as practicals. So EDventure Academy has carefully designed a time table which includes theoretical subjects like English, Maths, EVS to name a few but also practical subjects like swimming, yoga, dance, music, crafts, arts, cooking, value education, social skills, best out of waste, etc.

Many a times focus is so strongly placed only on academic growth that the child loses connectivity with his/her interests. EDventure academy aims to bridge the gap between theory and practical learning. One of our primary objectives is to aim at the development of one's personality in entirety. SOCIAL SKILLS focus on helping children become responsible citizens and and help them learn skills which are important and necessary for smooth social functioning such as table manners, group interaction, empathy to name a few. VALUE EDUCATION classes aren't designed like the usual "text book" classes. We present children everyday scenarios and situations and help them realise the accepted behaviour by themselves and not resort to spoon feeding. This also helps them build their decision  making skills and makes them more aware and independent. These classes also help them take a stand on situations responsible for their actions. 

DANCE and MUSIC classes are also very popular amongst kids and we quite don't  blame them because we as faculty also love those classes and look forward to them. Dance classes help them in their flexibility and also in eye-hand or hand-leg coordination and music as they say is the 'universal' language so this is also a form of communication because sometimes children are driven by auditory cues as well.

In COOKING classes, we mostly focus on teaching basic food items which do not require fire or adult dependency but we always ensure to keep their safety and notify them whenever any parental guidance is required. We also teach them about nutrition and the essential functions of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fibres so that our children know 'what' they are eating and 'why' they are eating what they are eating. In order to ensure that their health and fitness is not compromised, SWIMMING, YOGA, MARTIAL ARTS are also taught in EDventure Academy. Body co-ordination, calming of mind, enhancement of well being are some of the benefits these classes provide. Another reason why these classes have been included is because these are group activities and it is through these  classes, students realise the importance of team building and social interaction. 
We also strive to make academics equally fun so we mostly resort to visual teaching methods and also make charts and audio clippings to make learning fun for them. For instance, we made posters on saving animals and environment, planted saplings on environment day and made them realise the importance of maintaining the ecological balance in nature instead of reading texts from books. So we make our learning activity based.

The school has a library which houses many books from store books for tiny toddlers to informative books and journals for parents, faculty and visitors so that learning never stops. We also have a wide range of activity based books that help in improvement of visual skills, analytical skills, comprehension skills, reading and spelling skills etc. There are also books that cater to English grammar, Science, Maths for our children. The reason for having a library is school is to incorporate the practice of silent reading, paired reading, sitting tolerance and not be aversive to books.

There is also an activity room where in we teach them indoor games like carom, supermarket or monopoly, drama, arts, crafts, music and dancing. Sometimes group classes are also carried out in the same room 

We conduct several fun-filled competitions (more details in next post), to ensure the personality development happens completely.
-Holistic Development is the word!
PS-you must have heard this word earlier, fancy word used by almost every school in the first line of introduction.


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